Madagascar is often proudly referred to as the “Galapagos of Africa”, because of the unique wildlife. 80 % Of the flora and fauna is endemic. There are more than 40 species of lemurs and new species have been discovered recently. It is an authentic, unspoiled and mythical destination. Along the way you will meet the most friendly, genuine people. Madagascar is also the meeting point of Africa and Asia and it is incredible to see the combination of the two continents everywhere you go. The landscape is divers. While exploring the country you will see rice fields, mountains, tropical rain forest, savanna and desert. The 5000-kilometre coast line offers idyllic beaches and coral reefs with rich marine life. There are also numerous islands along the coast for an exclusive stay or a visit on a sailing trip. The cuisine is a mix of French and local dishes, absolutely delicious. Madagascar is a destination to explore on its own or in combination with Mauritius or La Reunion.

Why travel to Madagascar

Madagascar is very divers. Embark on a privately guided round trip or book a beach holiday. Combine several national parks and get to know the unique nature and wildlife. The country has a great focus on eco-tourism. Travelling is often off the beaten track and far from any crowds! Get in contact with the local people and experience their colourful culture and rituals. Madagascar offers a great variety of sports such as diving, wind- and kite surfing, deep sea fishing, sailing and rafting and is a hotspot for birders. Madagascar is easy to reach with daily direct flights from Paris and Johannesburg.


Madagascar is also often referred to as “the country with the thousand views” as every day is different! Visit the dry forest, spiny bush and desert in the west or visit the wide forest of baobabs with 4 different species, also called “L’ Avenue de Baobab”. Combine this with the splendid landscape of dunes, emerald seas and bays. Go to the primary tropical rainforest, home to unique flora, multitudes of orchids and palm trees and have a look at the pepper, vanilla, cloves & coffee plantations.

Get up close with different species of lemur such as Aye Aye, Indri Indri as well as various nocturnal lemurs. Get to know the primitive tribe Mikea and the nomad Vezo fishermen. Another highlight is the National Park of Tsingy Bemaraha with the limestone Pinnacle and the Canal des Pangalanes, a unique highland with its Asian landscape and features. After your round trip relax a few nights on one of the islands such as Saint Marie.

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