Canoeing is an excellent way to get out on the water and to have some fun. In summer a canoeing trip that lasts for a few days is fantastic for those who enjoy “roughing it”. Paddle along a section of the river, stopping for lunch and to explore the surrounds, and at night camp on the river bank. Then the next morning it’s back on the canoe for another day’s hard – or gentle – paddling. There are many things besides canoeing that you can do on a canoeing holiday. Certain parts of the river will be excellent for fishing, there is usually a large variety of birdlife to be seen around rivers, there could be many places to stop and enjoy some hiking, plus there is always the choice to jump into the water for a quick swim if you get too hot while paddling. Here are some of the canoeing trips which Kukummi can include in your tour itinerary.



Orange River Trail

The Augrabies Canoe Trail is a true wilderness safari down the almighty Orange River. Trips are 5 days long and start from the Augrabies Waterfall National Park. This river trail passes through some of the most unspoilt areas of our South Africa, a snake winding through an untouched wilderness giving life to the Sub-Kalahari and creating an oasis to the adventurer and paddler. Covering 45km from start to finish, the trip is comfortable for even the inexperienced paddlers.

Day 1

Meet at the Augrabies Falls National Park campsite. Set up camp for an evening braai and an introduction to your next few days paddle down the almighty Orange.

Day 2

Spend the morning paddling and becoming more acquainted with your boat and the river. Lunch is prepared under the green curtain of trees along the banks of the river. Some minor rapids are experienced on your way to the first nights campsite.

Day 3

Enjoy the cool of the morning before setting off on another day paddling, swimming, birding, fishing and relaxing. Fish Eagles scream overhead entertaining you to a delight of aerial acrobatics in the hot summer thermals. After lunch enjoy a short afternoon paddle through some of the more exciting stretches of the trail before reaching camp. A short walk up one of the rocky hills leaves you in awe. The guides will prepare a hearty dinner leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment after the day’s adventure.

Day 4

Head downstream for a short hike to the top of a “hang ten” foot like rock tower looking for crystals along the way. On your return a cooked brunch will await you. Spend the rest of the day negotiating numerous channels scarred with the activity of water monitors and the ever elusive otter.

Day 5

Rise to the sound of chirping birds and head off in the direction of your final rapid, the
Graduation Rapid. Not far downstream the vehicles are waiting, load up and return to
basecamp for a hot showers and farewell lunch.


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