Mozambique is best known for its turquoise ocean, glistening white beaches, endless palm trees swaying in the breeze, and delectable seafood dishes. It is the idyllic destination for a rustic and secluded beach holiday, far from the regular tourist routes.

Why travel to Mozambique

For almost two decades, many of these attractions were inaccessible due to a prolonged guerrilla war. Now Mozambique is one of Africa’s rising countries, with an upbeat atmosphere, overflowing markets and a 2500 km coastline just waiting to be discovered. The world renowned Bazaruto Archipelago is part of the pristine coast line. Northern Mozambique holds unforgettable experiences and sights including historical Ilha de Mozambique and Ibo Island as well as the tropical Quirimbas Archipelago


Mozambique’s southern coast is the most developed part of the country for tourism. From Ponta d’Ouro, with its pounding surf and windswept dunes, to the serene lagoons and shallow coastal lakes between Bilene and Závora, and the legendary beaches of Tofo and Barra, it boasts some of the most beautiful stretches of sand on the continent.

Although some budget accommodation is available, the more remote the destination the more expensive it is likely to become. Infrastructure is limited so air travel is frequently the only way to access the high end lodges and hotels. Despite the logistical difficulties and the price premium carried, Mozambique has to be one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Africa, if not the world.

Friendly people, crystal clear water, phenomenal diving and snorkelling opportunities, make it a highly worthwhile diversion from the more known Southern African destinations.

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